Sunday, May 4, 2008

Legs & Eggs Review


It's been all doom & gloom in the Maddison household. Monday was the day the building repair guys came in and put up a false wall in unit. They've put it up so they can repair the wall of windows that we have looking out over the city. Now the thing about having a tiny apartment with one whole wall of windows, is that you don't normally need a lot of electric lighting, so it doesn't come with things like overhead lighting. The apartment has suddenly become quite a bit smaller and is a whole lot darker. It really has become akin to a cave in here. But more to the point, Monday was also the day we had to put our beloved dog, Deano, down. It's rather grim in the cave without our tiny old general and we don't feel much like cooking. Thankfully, our good friend Ringo came through for us in a pinch, delivering a fine food story, but one that gives us a bit of a reprieve. Check out The Chicken or the Egg for the recipe.

Good food illicits fond memories. Particular dishes can recreate such a vivid and strong assault on the senses that just the mere mention of the recipe can bring a million of these memories flooding back. This is the case with the Maddison Chicken and egg Curry. I have read Guy's description of this recipe and have been regaled with tales of his family's fondness of this delight and this is Guy's relationship with this particular dish. However, I wish to add to the history of stories that accompany this great meal. Stories that follow each and every time this meal is served! I would consider Guy to be one of the very best friends I have ever had, this could provide a novel sized tangent, so I will stop myself now and only say that I am proud to have eaten this meal and will enjoy adding to it's history.

As most late teenage / early twenty something we lived a life of good times and self inflicted poverty. It was a time in Australia where there was high unemployment so as all good artists do, we reaped the benefit of not working and practised our craft (crappy music!). We often did not spend much on food and I recall Guy flying into a rage when upon awakening, he realised that some(expletive deleted) had eaten(expletive deleted) the second last piece of bread!" Guy must have wanted a sandwich! At another house I shared with Guy I awoke after an extremely vivid dream about food, specifically bread and butter. The bread, I had purchased the day before and it was delicious, fresh and home-made. The butter was in the refrigerator. So I thought! There was no butter. I had only dreamt we had butter! At least now I can say to my own son "When I was a lad, we were so poor......." you get the idea! Anyway, to get to the point our palates were not infused with much greatness
at this point in our lives and Guy's chicken and egg curry was somewhat of a highlight. I have not recently had the good fortune to taste Guy's cooking but I am regaled with memories both sweet and sour when I think of it. As I began this piece "Good food illicits fond memories" and so I can only conclude Guy's "Chicken and Egg Curry" is an excellent dish.

Thank you,
Western Australia.

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